452,000 sq. ft. of Inside/Outside Shop Space

400 East Indian River Road  Norfolk, Virginia 23523 USA Phone:757.545.5311 Mobile:757.472.5808 FAX:757.545.7627, contactus@steelamerica.net

Steel America specializes in the heavy machining & fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum with unit capacities up to  1,000 tons.

Steel America repairs & overhauls heavy machinery, equipment, structures and components for industrial plants.  Steel America can perform work on site or in its Norfolk, VA based facility.

Every aspect of Steel America's business model is geared towards  providing high quality performance,
On Time - Every Time.

72 acres - Deepwater Access - Waterfront Facility

Delivery by Coastal & Ocean Carrier, Truck & Rail

In-House Estimating & Project Management

Versatile 24/7 On-Demand Capabilities

Skilled Workforce of 400+

· Heavy Shaft Fabrication and Repair For All Types of Industries
· Heavy Gearbox, Drive System, Winch And Gear Overhaul
· Material Handling Systems and Components
· Bearings, Sleeves, Collars & Bushings
· Specialty Welding
· Thermal Coatings & Build -Up
· Heavy Machinery Repair
· Special Parts Fabrication

· Heavy Material Handling Equipment Including Large 
  Conveyors, Coal Chutes and Rail Car Dumping Systems
· Bridge Components
· Barge Construction, Deck Houses and Marine Fabrication
· Drill Rig Platforms and Dredge Weldments
· Large Steel Cofferdams
· Structural Steel Fabrication For Plant Expansions
· Large Tanks, Vats and Hoppers

Heavy Machining

Heavy Fabrication

Steel America values the environment and engages in eco friendly business practices.